“She took our flag!”: The far-right standing up for women?

Portsmouth Anti-Fascists

(Trigger Warning: Links to articles mentioning rape, Female Genital Mutilation, sexual assault and featuring misogyny and transphobic comments).

Since the EDL’s foundation in 2009 they have been keen to win some liberals over with their ‘support’ for women’s rights within Islam, highlighting Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), the burqa and cases of stoning and murder in dictatorships that  seek to use Sharia Law as justification.

Alongside proclaiming to have an LGBT division as well as Sikh and Jewish Divisions, the EDL also heavily promoted their division for women, the EDL Angels. In some respects the Angels have been the most successful of the EDL ‘Liberation’ divisions. Members of the LGBT division were attacked by other EDL members, the Sikh Division has diminished after Sikhs against the EDL’s work in the community and the Jewish Division has never featured more than a group of ultra-zionists (Most Jews are uncomfortable around people whose members…

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About Bristol Antifascist Cooperative

There are many fascist groups operating in Britain, but the biggest threat comes from the British National Party who in recent years have done their utmost to hide their fascist politics beneath a thin veneer of respectability. Bristol Anti-Fascist Cooperative oppose all fascist activity, but destroying the BNP and EDL is our current priority. Their presence on the political landscape pushes the wider political agenda to the right to the cost of working class people. Bristol has long been a haven of working class organisation and anti-fascist sentiment. In recent years, however, there has been a marked increase in organised fascist activity. We exist to oppose and beat back this rise in fascism as well as to act in solidarity with other anti-fascist movements locally, nationally and internationally.
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