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There are many fascist groups operating in Britain, but the biggest threat comes from the British National Party who in recent years have done their utmost to hide their fascist politics beneath a thin veneer of respectability. Bristol Anti-Fascist Cooperative oppose all fascist activity, but destroying the BNP and EDL is our current priority. Their presence on the political landscape pushes the wider political agenda to the right to the cost of working class people. Bristol has long been a haven of working class organisation and anti-fascist sentiment. In recent years, however, there has been a marked increase in organised fascist activity. We exist to oppose and beat back this rise in fascism as well as to act in solidarity with other anti-fascist movements locally, nationally and internationally.

View from a Ukrainian Anarchist comrade.

Originally posted on Wessex Solidarity:
‘When masters fall out their men get the clout’ The struggle between different groups of the big capital – of power and of “opposition” – led to implement of tightened laws which transformed Ukraine in…

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Latest Info on Slough demo

Originally posted on Anti-Fascist Network:
click for bigger With only 3 days to go, things are beginning to shape up with the Slough demo against the ailing EDL. London Anti-Fascists and Berkshire Anti-Fascists have been very busy leafletting in the…

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Jobbik chased across London by anti-fascists

Jobbik chased across London by anti-fascists A report of the antifascist mobilization against Hungarian neo-nazi group Jobbik.

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Oppose the EDL in Slough – Saturday 1st Feb

Originally posted on 3 Counties Anti-Fascist Alliance (3CAFA):
3 Counties Anti-Fascist Alliance (3CAFA) View original post

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Free Joel!

Originally posted on 3 Counties Anti-Fascist Alliance (3CAFA):
A international campaign of solidarity from anti-fascists has been in action to raise awareness of the detention of Joel Almgren, a Swedish anti-fascist who has been remanded in custody since mid-December, when he…

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Is anti-fascism being criminalised? (IRR)

Originally posted on 3 Counties Anti-Fascist Alliance (3CAFA):
Reposted from the Institute of Race Relations “An activist comments on the implications of recent arrests of anti-fascists at demonstrations opposing the English Defence League and the British National Party. In the space…

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“She took our flag!”: The far-right standing up for women?

Originally posted on Portsmouth Anti-Fascists:
(Trigger Warning: Links to articles mentioning rape, Female Genital Mutilation, sexual assault and featuring misogyny and transphobic comments). Since the EDL’s foundation in 2009 they have been keen to win some liberals over with their…

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